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Industrial power resistors outside style and install dimension...

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Industrial power resistors parameters


Steel Sheet



Original place

Zhejiang, China

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1 units


Industrial power resistors outside style and install dimension

We can do control industrial power resistors according to customers need dimension.

Industrial power resistors parameter:

ZX15 series resistors are open type, suitable for AC 50Hz, voltage up to 660V and DC voltage to 440V or less for start, speed, brake, discharge and other purposes. Its capacity is 4.6 kW, which is made up of a spiral tubular resistor element wound from an iron-chromium-aluminum alloy strip. Can replace the ZX1 series resistor application. It has the advantages of shockproof and non-breakable. The altitude does not exceed 2000 meters; the ambient temperature does not exceed +40 ° C and not lower than -25 ° C, the average temperature within 24 h does not exceed +35 ° C. When the temperature is +20 ° C to -5 ° C, the relative humidity of the air is not more than 85%. There are no gases and conductive dust in the surrounding medium that can corrode metals and damage insulation and explosion hazard; there must be areas where rain and snow protection equipment is not filled with water vapor; in areas where there is no severe vibration or bumps.


Industrial power resistors enclosure:

Being safe and reliable


Industrial power resistor appliance

Can use to Steel factory to support circuit power



Wooden carton packing

Transport by sea and air



R: Do you have stock?

Q: We have something stock

R: What’s your main product?

Q: Joystick; crane cabin; resistor


R: How many people in export department?

Q: We have two team


R: What’s your company name?

Q: Zhejiang lixin hoist switch factory

R: Who should I contact for business?

Q: Sales department

R: Can you give me pictures of factory inside and outside?

Q: Our factory pictures

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