Speed AC Cam Controller

speed ac cam controller AC 50Hz,380V(440V) and below secondary circuit...

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Speed ac cam controller parameters

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Zhejiang, China

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1 units



Work environment

The controller is applicable to the following working conditions

The altitude is not more than 1000 meters.

The temperature of the surrounding medium is not higher than +35 C and not less than -40 C (below -15 C is lubricated by antifreeze lubricants).

The relative temperature of air is not more than 85%.

After special physics, the controller also applies the following working conditions (i.e. TH):

The ambient temperature is not higher than +40 C.

The relative humidity of air is not more than 95%.

Where there are mold and dew.

The controller is not applicable to the following conditions:

In an environment where gas and steam or dust can corrode metals and destroy insulation.

In an environment of explosive danger;

In places where there is no rain and snow protection equipment.

Where there are strong vibrations and bumps.


Speed ac cam controller outside style and install dimension

Speed ac cam controller appliance

Can use to bridge crane


Carton packing


Company advantagement:

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We have stockhourse


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